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1998 NLP Practitioner Student Evaluations
(every student in the class is represented here)

"Rex is an amazing individual. He was able to capture our attention from the very beginning to provide the support we needed to view our lives objectively. For me personally, Rex is an example of the kind of person I want to become. He was able to challenge me and in doing so allowed me to understand my personal power.

Both of the interns were supportive and a great help in the skills drills that we used daily to expand our understanding. Both were helpful and interesting to talk to.

(What I immediately will apply is) I learned the importance of establishing rapport and the necessity of going first! I also learned how to use questions to determine what another person wants.

I entered the program with high expectations. I created a list of questions that I wanted answered during the course of the training and found that most of the questions were answered without me having to ask. Everyone in the program, truly wanted to learn and that was a great joy to me. To find so many people, all feeling passionate about something and to be able to experience that passion with them is an experience I will always remember. There are a few experiences in life that change your life forever and this is one of them. Aside from all the great instruction we received, my favorite experience was the realization that there are other people in the world that relish the same experience I do. In the past, I allowed myself to feel alone, I convinced myself that I was misunderstood blah, blah, blah. I know now that this was only my interpretation of my experience. I can experience whatever I want to now. I now can stand tall in the present with an eye to the future."
          Brian Wheelock, Director of West Coast Sales, San Francisco, CA

"There are many good things about Rex and to me the best is his attitude and philosophy towards training and towards life. He teaches by setting a great example for his students to move towards. Rather than providing us fish, he teaches us how to be great fishermen and how to constantly improve and apply our skills.

The interns were very enthusiastic and giving of themselves. They were eager to share their skills and their knowledge and truly added to the overall experience. I especially enjoyed the late night sessions when the interns shared their experiences.

(What I immediately will apply is) attitude! I learned and developed a powerful set of beliefs that will help me be better at selling and for my business, better at relating with family and friends and above all allow me to truly enjoy life and spread that joy to others!

When I first read the evaluations for this program I was skeptical., I can tend to be fairly analytical and critical when evaluating how to spend my time and money and I wasn't sure the evaluations were appropriately balanced. To take two weeks away from my business was a tremendous stretch. However, I decided to take a risk and I am tremendously glad I did. I can now fully understand where all those evaluations came from. It has been an incredible experience. There is no comparison between the total experience we've had here and simply learning NLP techniques from books or tapes. I have never been in such and incredibly supportive environment and I will take with me not only the skills and techniques, but memories and a new attitude towards life that will last a lifetime!"
          David Miller, President/CTO, Fort Lee, NJ

"(Rex is) honest, tireless, dedicated, and experienced. Rex was always there to help and had the tools to be effective in giving that help.

The interns were helpful and approachable and showed skilled.

(What I immediately will apply is) I intend to use my ability to control my states to go first to give them the gift of my respect and attention.

I would like everyone to know that this program has so much more than just NLP. Your Mind Design program is the key to applying NLP at work, in relationships, and for personal growth. The program is expertly designed to build a learning experience that is the most profound I have ever encountered. It is evident that all the tools are there and there is something more. That is a genuine effort to give us the means and motivation to use the skills in everyday life. This is not one of those seminars where you go home and say 'now what'. I will arrive home with the methods to implement what I learned with the clear message that it is up to me to do so. This program has taught me not only techniques for change, but has also taught me my fundamental capacity to control and direct my mind and physiology to gain and maintain the most resourceful states I have ever experienced.

So much is taught in this course that any three days would be worth the cost of the entire 14 days. Important and useful teaching is going on at this workshop and I would encourage anyone to take this course as soon as you can. Rex is available even after hours and at meals. He has the experience and gets the job done. This course is the best there is. The location is great and the staff is responsive."
          Kurt Arbuckle, Emmott & Arbuckle, P.L., Attorney, Houston, TX

"Rex is a truly experienced trainer. He brings his many life experiences with him which build a rich environment for learning.

I found all of the staff to be very helpful, willing, capable and personable. The were a joy and always available. Thanks guys!

(What I immediately will apply is)I have learned to truly listen to people. This will allow me to get closer to people and share the love.

The training was great! It fare exceeded my expectations by a factor of three. There was a lot to cover but it never felt overwhelming. It was a comfortable push, especially when we built our states of energy. In another area, when I first signed up I was a little bit concerned that it might be a lot of sitting around and being only in our brains. Well, I was pleased to discover a strong physical component to the training. Including getting up and breaking into groups or pairs, the almost daily 'movement' was very important. It helped to facilitate building resources and getting in touch with other areas of ourselves. To conclude, I would whole heartedly recommend this program for anyone who wants to make a strong, incredible change in any area of their life. Remember folks, only you can make that change, all it takes it the decision to do so. So go for it. Go ahead and change!"
          Doug Foster, Teacher, Shingn-shi, Wakayuma-kin, Japan

"(Rex is) tangible, real, genuine, wise, extremely, skilled, and extraordinary teacher, leader, mentor, friend, volleyball player, an outstanding businessman, a person whose primary purpose is teaching these skills, is pure love, someone who really wants and does make a difference for the improvement of the quality of life.

The interns were open to questions, spoke at length with us morning, night and during the breaks. Tremendous source of great knowledge and real life experiences.

(What I immediately will apply is) rapport, pacing and leading, visual, auditory, kinesthetic language and eye accessing, matching and mirroring breathing, posture, movement, well defined outcomes, resource states.

Rex and Carolyn have provided and incredible training opportunity for anyone interested in understanding, learning, and integrating the attitude and skills in NLP. And as your mind continues to move in his direction, your skills continue to develop in a way that surprises and delights. Rex is a tangible trainer. He works very hard during his training to ensure that students have every opportunity to develop their skills and he is available during meals, before and after the day begins, and during breaks to answer questions, engage in conversations, or to play a game of volleyball. Try finding another train who will do that! Change is easy. And if you are ready to make changes in your life and in the lives of those around you, Rex's trainings will allow you to do that easily and naturally. You will build powerful resources, develop skills, gain a powerful attitude, share glorious moments with new friends, and be able to spread this to family, friends, and everyone you know. And you will laugh. A lot. This all begins with the decision to train with IDEA Seminars."
          Dwayne McLamb, Music educator, Winston-Salem, NC

"(Rex is) energetic, caring, tough-minded, serious, silly, able. The interns were always available, competent and knowledgeable, excellent back-ups for Rex as he went from point to point.

(What I immediately will apply is) how to build and maintain rapport with people.

Rex is a dynamic and incredibly organized trainer. The emotional impact of some of the exercises and of the overall program was staggering. I was able to make personal changes, and I observed changes in others that I would not have believed. While it is too soon to say for sure, the changes that I made seem permanent. The program also presented a large tool kit of NLP techniques and attitudes. A distinction that is tenuous at best since the techniques grow out of the attitudes in a way that make it difficult to imagine one without the other. The amazing thing about the presentation of NLP techniques was the manner in which they were organized and presented. Each technique grew out of the one's preceding it, often changing the effect at each step. The early 'foundation skills' were drilled daily as we proceeded to learn new ones, finally the incredible complexity of the middle of the course resolved itself in a surprisingly simple appearing approach to change - both personal change and as it can be applied to others. Attempts to describe these fully articulated 'techniques' and in words that, again, seem to be attitudes respect, love, curiosity. The students, a diverse blend of personalities and origins with varying reasons for being here soon became a community. 30- or so people who were mutually dedicated to each other's success. Strangers became friends and in some cases dear friends. Carolyn and her active participation a good deal of the time, is in large part responsible for this effect, but the organization of the course itself made it ultimately possible. Rex alternated the presentation of factual material with dance and other experiences designed to facilitate learning. It works."
          Jim Hefling, Mental Health Aide, Houghton, MI

"(Rex is) sincere, caring, inspiring, interested in teaching people how to fish as opposed to just giving them a fish. Carolyn has always been caring and nurturing. The interns displayed a genuine interest in our growth and were fun and willing to share.

(What I immediately will apply is) the Platinum Rule. Learning to see positive intentions, pacing and leading and so much more!!!

WOW! Where do I begin? A must for anyone living as a human being who wishes to create a brighter, richer, more harmonious life. I almost didn't attend this year; instead I was going to put it off one more year. I am SO glad I didn't! This has been the best gift I could have given myself. My imagination could not have prepared me fro such a mind blowing experience. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this training to ANYONE regardless of what you know about NLP! After talking to many fellow participants who have attended various NLP trainings and seminars, I am very confident that I made the best choice in choosing IDEA Seminars. Lastly, but not least was the absolute wonderful and enriching environment we had to learn in and the wonderful people who shared this experience with me. PLEASE STRONGLY CONSIDER TAKING THE NEXT IDEA SEMINARS NLP training for yourself. YOU DESERVE THE VERY BEST!!!

          Brian K. Shelton, Excel Communication, Independent Representative, Chandler, AZ

"Rex is a dynamic and playful educator. He has a vibrancy and enthusiasm that is contagious which permeates the entire course. He is accessible and open to his students. Above all I admire Rex's integrity. The assistants were always available to talk, review, encourage and guide and I am very appreciative of their contribution and support.

(What I immediately will apply is) many ways to improve my communication by listening, calibrating and building rapport, matching and mirroring and respecting the other person.

Dear Rex and Carolyn you have gone out of your way to create a truly outstanding program. You have taken a great deal of material and presented it in ways that utilize all facets of learning. You recognize that learning is a whole experience, and your choice of location and setting have enhanced the superb quality of course content and construction. One thing I particularly appreciate about your course is the variety of opportunities we had to practice and integrate the material. As we have learned, repetition is the mother of skill, ands I want you to know that having this ability to look at information from may sides has allowed me to get a firmer grasp on the material. In addition the skills drills that were led by the interns were a tremendous help in practicing and receiving coaching on the material. Another aspect that has made this course superior is the focus on integrating this material back into our daily lives. The emphasis on making real plans and anticipating future situations where we will use the tools in invaluable!!! BRAVO!!!!"
          Erik Feigen, Tucson, AZ

"Rex is a magician, a master of the real and surreal. Caring and compassionate, yet, nicely insistent on helping you to stretch yourself to your limit out further with a twinkle in his eyes. The assistants were very positive in every respect, prepared to take time out, listen and do something.

After making my decision to attend the IDEA Seminars Practitioner course (1998) I had reservations. After all, I didn't know anyone who had attended, and advertising material is advertising material. What a delightful shock I was to experience. Cedar Valley is a wonderful place with lots of winding trails, perfect for being on our own or with others in reflecting on your goals, mission and direction in life. And the second shock. There is no doubt that 'King' Rex is a superb trainer whose mission was to support us in every one of his many versatile ways, to help us acquire the skills we wanted. The program was pedagogically organized so that skills were being acquired in different ways and integrated with other skills and practiced and practiced until they worked. The last three or four days were geared at using the skills as we really would be using the skills on re-entering our normal every day encounters. A key theme that set this program apart from others I had read about was the emphasis on developing attitudes, approaches, and skills for managing our own personal change. All in all - a superb program in a superb place."
          Brian Turner, Teacher, Sweden

"Rex is like a musical conductor with really unbelievable depths of insight and talent. His symphony orchestra, however, was the course participants and our conscious and unconscious selves. We were respectfully led by Rex through experiences with surely many layers of learning and growth opportunities. His professionalism was continually evident as he demonstrated his commitment to our needs: needs which we were not consciously aware of. The process of exposing our strengths, as well as our less than glorious behaviors, made his job harder. Yet, he seemed to fully embrace this responsibility which I believe is a substantial part of the value in this 14 day seminar.

The interns were always there for you with willingness to help. They constantly showed respect to everyone. Carolyn and the intern's warm personalities, along with their professionalism were sincerely important and valued supporting elements for me throughout my time in the seminar.

My experience at Practitioner Training was a challenging and a wonderfully enlightening time for me. It demanded self-reflection, yet always seemed to have sufficient support structuring for myself and the other participants. My greatest growth was in gaining clearer insights into my personal expression (behavior) and how it effects my communication and the rapport process. I am much more able to now respect myself for where I am in this process as well as to celebrate where I am now able to go with it."
          Jerry DeBoer, President of DeBoer Medical Staffing, Greendale, WI

"Rex is like a fine magician - skilled in his art, clever and wise. His ability to instruct, delight and fascinate a group of people is awesome. Rex, simply put, is a brilliant and innovative teacher who cares about what he does and the people who come to learn from him. The one promise I would make to someone preparing to attend a seminar given by Rex us that their life will be happier and richer as a result of the experience with him and his teaching. Learning to ask myself directed questions throughout the day has helped me loads and channel my brain to consistently scan for new and better ways to live, love, laugh and nurture myself and others. Having and using the MotivAider on a day to day basis has also helped to train and reinforce the important behavior of scanning for new, positive and delightful ways to live and interact with my family, friends, spouse and the people I serve in my business environment.

One of the highlights that I experienced during the two weeks with IDEA Seminars was getting to know your interns. I was very impressed. To me they symbolize the best of what NLP has to offer an individual. They communicate with elegance, class, kindness and oozes a cool confidence the whole time. The fact that they received their training in NLP from Rex and Carolyn is one of the reasons I want to do master practitioner and trainers training with IDEA Seminars.

If you are the type of individual who loves being around people who are wildly curious, fun, and dedicated to expand personal horizons through learning NLP, then IDEA Seminars is the place for you to train. Training with Rex and Carolyn is a full tilt boogie ride of a life time. They will teach you how to have magical interactions with others, use your body and language to become more dynamic, and to live and behave in ways that will engage, delight and fascinate your loved ones, your boss, your friends and people who desire to become better acquainted with. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to experience what IDEA Seminars has to offer you."
          Trent Woodward, Operations Office, H.V. Management, MN

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