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1998 NLP Practitioner Student Evaluations
(every student in the class is represented here)

"(Rex is) wonderful, full of humor, intelligent, open, inspiring, pedagogical, creative, full of energy, demanding, - gives feedback in a positive way, amazing, I can't think of a better teacher/trainer/navigator in NLP, Charismatic, easy to smile and laugh. Carolyn is just wonderful, I love her laugh and she is the perfect t organizer.

The interns were nice, warm and helpful.

(What I immediately will apply is) to change state, to see/focus on the other person, to listen, mirror, match and let everyone express themselves in their way - respect.

I can't imagine a better trainer than Rex. This is not just a 2 weeks NLP seminar. It is an experience that will last for a life time. I will have a smile on my lips every time I think of this seminar. The whole seminar is organized perfectly - there is nothing missing. Live, love, laugh, celebrate are the words that are leading the actions and behaviors of the seminar and I see Rex, Carolyn and the interns as symbols of that. If you want to change or to have a better life just as it is - this seminar will give you all the tools needed, and you will change more than you ever thought. At the IDEA seminar you don't just learn that you can change, you experience HOW you can change too."
          Linda Genf, Kairos Future AB, Futurist/Consultant, Stockholm, Sweden

"(Rex is) helpful, tries hard and puts out a lot of effort, up late at night talking to us and making himself accessible, obviously knows his material well, a very good coach. Carolyn is very helpful and a pleasure top talk to, and the interns were helpful and courteous.

(What I immediately will apply is) excellent material - helps in goal setting, building long-range plans and how to operationalize them, and building rapport with others.

I would like to provide more comments again after 2-3 months after this training which would provide a true test of how I have been able to apply these concepts and techniques in the real world. At this point, however, I can say that I strongly believe that this training will improve my life., I believe it will help me to build solid rapport with others, help me in achieving my career goals and my family life. I am happy that we spent a lot of time practicing the techniques and in determining how we would incorporate them into the real world."
          Thom Jayne, Vis. Associate Professor, East Lansing, MI

"(Rex is) personable, challenging, compassionate, very accessible, vibrant teacher/trainer. The interns were great and give a sense of what to expect after we finish the program. Warm and professional.

(What I immediately will apply is) rapport and improved communication.

The training was great. You are taught as a person first and you are taught what NLP can bring to your life. You learn about you, others and your world and what NLP as a tool can do to enhance your life. It is not a dry academic study of the subject of NLP. The program has a synergy of being with a variety of people with their experiences that enhance and affirm you and your experiences. Rex and Carolyn invite you into their lives."
          Ed Haessig, Educator, ST. Louis, MO

"Rex was above all devoted, he came with a lot of energy to each session and was concerned with how each person was absorbing the material and handling the exercises. He was extremely funny and entertaining throughout the seminar. His grasp of the material and competence with it was obvious. Although there were times when I found myself behaving in ways that I hadn't realized I was capable of, he was careful to also explain all the material overtly as well.

The interns were helpful and enthusiastic both in and out of the seminar.

(What I immediately will apply is) hypnotic skills to help me and my family relax. Techniques for changing my state. Rapport skills for improving relationships at home and work, especially pacing and leading.

Perhaps the most outstanding aspect of the program was the organization of the material. It appeared unconnected at times but there was frequently un-stated connection between exercises that helped build our awareness of the possibilities of the material presented. NLP was not presented as a collection of techniques that we would either 'get' or not, but as an attitude to have and we saw the techniques flow out of this attitude effortlessly. Many times we did techniques before we knew what they were and when they were presented the exercises were easy as we had already encountered that approach. The amount ofd information presented was huge and I feel that this presentation was critical in my ability to retain it. The seminar was entertaining and as a result 'easy'. Rex demonstrated the skills that he taught and showed them working together in a cohesive pattern. The course was everything it promoted itself as."
          Name Withheld, Document Management, Rock Hill, SC

"(Rex is) Energetic, caring, generous, irascible, has a higher purpose, sometimes cantankerous, fun, available, loving and funny. Carolyn is wonderful, helpful, always even-tempered, always kind.

The interns are competent and helpful.

(What I immediately will apply is) how to be more effective in producing win-win, successful, abundant, relationships with family, colleagues, friends, spouse and strangers.

The training program was a wonderful, integrative experience for me. I especially liked the focus on being the best you can personally be; of learning skills to make our lives more abundant, full of more love and joy. I know that I'll be more successful in my career, with my family and friends, and develop a richer relationship with my spouse due to this course. The manual and resources Rex brings to this course are especially thorough and complete. Rex knows his stuff and provokes you to be your personal best. It wasn't until the last few days of the course that I could see how his overall plan promoted a true learning and understanding of the material at both the subconscious and conscious level. In Idea Seminars you not only learn the material, you experience it, integrate it and practice it until you are automatically using NLP skills and techniques without conscious awareness. Come to Idea Seminars ready to learn, to have fun and leave the computer, the cell phone at home - you won't have time to use them!"
          Name withheld, Michigan State University Associate Professor, Olamos, MI

"(Rex is) the best communicator I have met. Rex does not only speak about NLP he does it! At the same time he speaks about it! It's thanks to Rex that all people in the group have come together and opened up in a very supportive way.

(What I immediately will apply is) 'live, love, laugh, celebrate as much as you can and you can!!! Cause you are the chooser and light the candle in other people.

The NLP practitioner program at IDEA Seminars with Rex as a trainer is the best personal development course I have taken. The program has a very good balance between your inner personal development and communication skills to influence other people and get better relationship[s. After these 14 days you feel that you can do anything. It is only your own imagination that will set the limits."
          Gina Azaric, Product Manager, Stockholm, Sweden

"(Rex is) excellent lecturer/performer/motivator. Fun. A good model for using NLP in respectful ways. Impressive to see and experience. Has interest in each student also outside the class.

The interns were very helpful.

(What I immediately will apply is) the Mind Design material. Resource Triangle, Circle of Excellence, Timeline.

A very well organized seminar in a beautiful setting. I liked the focus on both attitude and practical skills that I can immediately use. Rex created a warm and supportive atmosphere where it is easy to grow, have fun, learn and laugh a lot."
          Ake Ljungdahl, Neurologist, Sweden

"(Rex is) dynamic, brilliant, caring, friendly, open, available, real, diligent. Rex continually demonstrates through his training that we, not him, will make the changes in ourselves that we desire.

The interns were supportive, caring and encouraging and always available for extra help.

(What I immediately will apply is) I can and will make a difference. I am responsible for my experience.

I learned much more than NLP in these 14 days. Rex and Carolyn and staff strive to create a happy family like atmosphere that is conducive to the development of the whole person. The setting is fantastic. Rex not only teaches NLP using NLP, but has developed an approach to teaching and learning based on current research which takes into account every aspect of the learning experience, from physical considerations to the temperature of the room, to the assignments for outside of class to many other factors too numerous to list. I now feel that I have not only learned NLP but also that I have experienced NLP, both the attitude and methodology, as well as many of the techniques that have been developed using NLP{ methods. I found that in this training my perceptions of reality are changing in both subtle and profound ways. I am anxious to return to my every day life with my new attitude and skills."
          Rob Lemley, Software Consultant, Madison, AL

"This training is a boot camp for the soul and Rex is the best drill sergeant there is. He's always there for you.

Everyone of the staff was attentive and helpful. (What I immediately will apply is) to give others what they need as a way to get what I need.

It was wonderful to finally realize that the 'real world' is within me and I take it with me wherever I go. Thank you for that incredible gift."
          Steve Breda, Arvada, CO

"Rex is dedicated to the goal of helping others live a more glorious life. He looks toward the full enjoyment of living, loving, laughing and celebrating, and invites others to do the same.

The interns were helpful and supportive.

(What I immediately will apply is) rapport skills, pacing and leading, state control.

Rex teaches us to become captains of our own ship, to direct our own brain and be at cause rather than a victim of life. And he also teaches us the value of validating ourselves as we learn. We've learned lots of NLP techniques and also had a lot of fun and laughs, not only did I learn while I was here, but I also had one of the best two weeks of my life. The environment here in Cedar Valley was excellent for this training. The group energy and the support from the trainers and other participants was very positive and powerful. Rex taught us to live, love, laugh and celebrate."
          Mark Gertner, General Manager, Seattle, WA

"(Rex is) extremely knowledgeable and a genuine person. He knows how to 'walk the talk'. It was always nice to hear Carolyn's laughter and too see her smiling. The interns were helpful and always willing to talk.

Rex you have changed my thinking and attitude completely. I consider you a great role model for living and life. A person can read all they want about NLP - until you actually experience it you will never learn it. I notice and enjoy what 'normal' people would consider ordinary. My sparkle in my eye is starting to re-emerge because of my training with you. You lit the fire and I feel it getting more intense everyday. Thank you."
          Tom P., Waukesha, WI

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