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1997 NLP Practitioner Student Evaluations
(every student in the class is represented here)

“The seminar never moves faster than the students are able to grow, change and learn. The students dictate the speed of the seminar. And for me, that’s the most important aspect - learning and growing at a pace comfortable to me. Rex does what it takes to make sure the students (and interns) own the skills necessary to become alive, and living NLP - He doesn’t let anyone slip though. Each participant is given his full attention regardless of time or effort, because they are the most important aspect of the seminar. Some of the best students I see in NLP come from IDEA Seminars. I’m truly amazed.

Rex and Carolyn have provided a delicate balance of learning, change and growth, for myself and the rest of my lifelong classmates, despite us being advance in some material and slower in other material, we all moved along together, changing growing and learning when we needed. I respect that immensely. The class fully (an understatement) met my needs and learning “hunger”. I have so much to grow upon with my new skills and attitudes. I want to thank both of you immensely - for the time and effort (extra effort) you’ve both put forth towards me. My heart sings! Thank you!”
          Jim Harris, Bar Manager, Tavern on the Pier, North Pier, Chicago

“(I liked) that it was a fairly small group of such diversity and we all just accepted our differences and took them as wonderful learning experiences. (The) atmosphere was energetic, light-hearted, and stretched me. It was also great working with each person in the group and getting to see the world through their eyes, even for a short time. (Rex is) and incredible teach and trainer, a man whose love for his job radiates with congruency. Rex is very down to earth and enjoys sitting and talking with the students, even after a long day in the classroom. Great smile and voice too!!

As a college student with my whole future ahead of me, my parents sent me to this seminar as a very generous birthday gift. It was something they had both experienced and thought would be a great growing and awakening experience. I didn’t realize how much it had been so until it was over and I could see how much I really had changed. The atmosphere of the seminar is one of loving and acceptance and you just find yourself blossoming into a beautiful flower by the end. Not only do I now have a lot of NLP strategies, techniques, and terminology ingrained in my mind but I have even more wonderful memories, learning experiences, and more empowering views of the world. Most importantly, I learned that we are all human and are bound to make mistakes here an there - what’s important is how you bounce back from these learning experiences and apply them positively in your life.”
          Stacie Brandt, Student, Traverse City, MI

“(Rex is) present 100% of the time and he is always accessible. He is very clear in communicating NLP and uses examples to give an experience of what he is talking about. Most of all, Rex has a wonderful sense of humor.

If you want to experience a combination of having fun and learning, then IDEA Seminars is the place to come to. Or at least that is my experience. Rex does not only teach NLP by talking, but by being an example of it. Just by seeing Rex in action has explained to me more of what NLP is about than any book or lecture has given me. Further more, the training has made me realize how all the different parts of NLP fit together and how to apply them as one.”
                                                           Radomir Azaric, Student, Halmstad, Sweden

“(I liked) that the days were long so I could get the most out of the time. Cedar Valley was a great place to be because everything was at the same place: training/exercises/room/food in the same building. (Rex is) a dynamic, friendly man with high skills in NLP/DHE and life. Great voice that he uses to get out the most of the participants...

I really loved spending 14 days at Cedar Valley! I now feel that the sky has no limit. I have gotten deep insight in the foundations of NLP. I now feel that I can continue with my self growth by my own hand. I have learned to always try to be positive and have the tools and knowledge to change the things I want to change.”
          Stefan Karlsson, Computer Consultant, Sweden

“I enjoyed the great emphasis on setting your mind in a new direction. Rex is a master with a diverse enough background and refined communication skills to be able to connect with everyone. Rex and Carolyn did more than teach the skills to be certified as a Practitioner of NLP. They took the time to get to know me as a person and they challenged me to grow and discover in an area that was difficult for me. They had laser beam accuracy that at first was surprising. Using the tools for change they taught and by personal encouragement, I was able to set a new direction for myself that I believe will continue for the rest of my life. Thank you!”
          Erwin C. Roux, Clergy, Lutheran Pastor, Mifflinville, PA

“(I liked) the integration of the whole experience - residential - thus we became a REAL community. I found the inevitabilities of group dynamics became a real part of making the learning real - valid and relevant.

I traveled 4000 miles to do this course for all sorts of reasons. The best one only became clear after doing it. Many of us have done training courses which are at best - lectures disguised as workshops, and contain the odd memorable moment. I would say to you... if you want to learn through experiencing and doing, through being challenged and stretched, to be made to think and you want countless memorable moments of confusion and hilarity to look back on - then do this course. If you want to have the chance to really experience being a PART of a group - come here. If you want to laugh - come here. If none of this appeals to you or you want a classroom setting - don’t come here...! And if, like me, you are or are training to be a therapist - do yourself and your clients a favor - just book and expand your understanding horizons - naturally and easily. PS: Cedar Valley is wonderful!”
          Graham Hubbard, Computer Consultant, Interactive Language Systems, Ltd., England

“(I liked) the genuine camaraderie of people from so many diverse backgrounds coming together to develop what they have in common: the desire to learn and integrate these skills to affect themselves and others. (Rex is) a ubertrainer extraordinaire! Rex is able to communicate this material with such a contagious sense of wonder that you cannot help getting caught up in the learning and not realizing how far you’ve come until your feet touch ground again!

Two weeks of living NLP, speaking NLP, sleeping NLP and breathing NLP - the perfect setting to learn and the perfect people to learn with. Becoming aware of how far I’ve come, I look back at my time at Cedar Valley and don’t know what to remember first: laughing harder than I have in years, becoming friends with some wonderful people, learning with a speed and ease I have never known before, or just realizing that the limiting beliefs I arrived with aren’t there anymore.”
          Simon Allardice, Developer, Edinburgh, Scotland

“I enjoyed the rich learning environment, the changing pace of my own learning, the rapidly deepening friendships, the challenges I faced, and the opportunities to grow and change directions and beliefs... I enjoyed the stretching. Rex is a wonderfully genuine man who expresses deep caring and warmth for his students and others in his life. His love of his work is readily apparent - and manifest itself in the powerfully helpful changes he can facilitate in people! ...I have yet to discover a more helpful, gentle yet accelerated, and rewarding learning environment than the one I encountered with IDEA Seminars at the ‘97 Practitioner training... Bravo! Thank you, Rex, Carolyn and your interns, Jim and Emery!”
          Jonathan Altfeld, President, Altfeld Computing
                                   Solutions, Inc., Tampa, FL

“Each training is a unique experience orchestrated for the needs and desires of each participant. Seeing how it all fits together is exciting and amazing. Experiencing it is even better. (Rex is) cutting edge, dynamic, precise, powerful... and he’s still a nice guy. If you’re thinking about attending an NLP training, check out all your options first. Then go to IDEA Seminars. I might go to somewhere else to learn as an amusement, but when I want real, solid, powerful skills, I go train with Rex Sikes.”
          Emery Carr, IDEA Seminars ‘97 Intern, Owner - Evolution Systems, Durham, NC

“The seminar experience was wonderful. I liked the multi-level learning and growing experience. (Rex is) innovative, motivating, and model-worthy! Whether you are looking for a personal change, or a career change, IDEA Seminars will surprise and change you. And best of all, they let you keep the change.”
          Stephanie Grant, Flight Attendant,
                                  St. Charles, MO

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