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IDEA Seminars Practitioner Training for 1996
Evaluations from IDEA Seminars NLP Practitioner Training June 1-14, 1996 (every student in the class is represented here)

"(Rex is) a man of great wisdom with a free and open mind to continue to learn how to make his and other people's life the greatest it will be.

My experience coming to IDEA Seminars was something that took me by pleasant surprise. Not one day went by without the sound of laughter in the room and in me and I will carry that with me forever. Everyday I noticed new things about myself and in the past haven't focused on enough. The experience of meeting a group of strangers and then becoming good friends is one of the greatest feelings. I was able to be open and honest with myself and others during my learning process! I noticed day by day it was harder for me to see any bad things in anybody including people outside our group. I'm very excited to use all the skills I have leaned with that special someone in my life, my friends, my mother and father, my co-workers, and everyone I meet. Thank you Rex and Carolyn for all your kindness and being there to listen to me.
          Name withheld upon request, Student

"(Rex is) a man who, in my opinion, has a great insight to the needs of others. Because of his great compassion for assisting other to make the changes that they want he can tailor his presentation to fit those needs. Rex is a dynamic speaker that can immediately recognize what it is that people need and then give them the ability to achieve it for themselves. He is constantly challenging you to think and grow and discover for yourself those qualities to get what it is that you want.

When I first arrived at Cedar Valley for my first NLP training I was expecting a traditional seminar - one where all the participants just sat back and listened to the speaker. Maybe take some notes and that's about it. What I experienced however, was beyond any expectations that I had. Rex's style of training was so different and refreshing from all the others. He helped mold our group into one big happy bunch of people. He taught us how to have fun, and that learning is fun. He helped me break free from many of the paradigms that I had which were holding me back. Days went by so quickly and as I am writing these words I still find it hard to believe that we are at the 14th day. I have come a long way, and look forward to going into the real world with all these powerful tools and really making a difference.

My experience here has helped me discover myself and has continuously pushed me to my limits and beyond. Rex doesn't just give you the techniques and powerful skills, he challenges you to think about them and to know what to do with them. My experience has been more than words can describe. It was wonderful learning about myself and always breaking down my limits to learn more about how capable I really am. Thank you Rex and Carolyn."
          Name withheld upon request, Student

"Rex is an excellent trainer. Rex is a good model of NLP and accelerative learning. I appreciate Rex being available completely during the training. I had a wonderful time participating in IDEA Seminars training. Rex did an excellent job of presenting the information in a way that made learning fun and easy. The practice exercises were outstanding. The training was structured in a way that allowed me to fully learn and to make some new friends. The NLP training has given me new skills which I will be able to use in my personal and professional life. I made changes in myself while participating in the training and I am sure I will continue to grow. The facility (Cedar Valley) was an excellent place to conduct the training. The environment was peaceful and scenic; this provided an atmosphere consistent with the learning. Great music... Great trainers and participants...Great laughs! Thanks for the WONDERFUL memories! Thanks Carolyn and Rex for making this opportunity possible for me!"
          Debra Marx, Instructor/Coordinator, LaCrosse, WI

"Rex runs a thoroughly organized program that allows the participants to get the most they can from it. His enthusiasm and energy are contagious. I discovered a lot about myself, the small details of big issues just kept stacking up until there was a bonfire of enthusiasm and joy."
          James Hamilton, Quality Control Engineer, Clinton, NC

"Rex is full of energy. He presents the material in a way that it is extremely fun, yet powerful and easy to learn. Rex truly cares about each and every participant and puts forth the effort to nurture them.

This is a wonderful program for anyone who is seeking to dramatically improve their interaction with other people and with themselves. There is a wide variety of fantastic things to learn and a marvelous collection of learning experiences. It's just not possible to imagine any more higher level of energy and fun for learning which is powerful, yet easy. This is not only an extremely enjoyable program, but it is life enriching and fills everyone with energy and a sense of total engagement in life."
          Michael Reitzel, Vice President, Cleveland, OH

"Rex was very generous with his time and he was absolutely committed to the participants. I really enjoyed his straightforward style. I felt he was committed to results. He is a provocative trainer and teacher. He is able to ask new questions and ask more of myself than I would. Rex is also available outside of the class.

A whirlwind of wisdom! A great set of tools for living. The training really fleshed out what I had only read about. It was like having a fine pianist listen to you play, realize what you need and then help you improve your skills. I was pleased by what a rich variety of people showed up. The very interesting people I've met were a source of great fun and insight. I'm really fortunate to have had the opportunity to come and share the time with such wonderful people. I was pleased to see how camaraderie and playfulness were encouraged and how the Sikes fostered a welcome and accepting environment. I am grateful for the individual attention to my questions. I was also pleased to see how care was shown to my values. What a great group of people! I was glad that during my life I was able to associate with such remarkable people and to share my life with them!"
          Kyle Johnson, Student, Nashville, TN

"Rex is probably the most energetic and dedicated teacher I've ever experienced... and he is very good at what he does. This was a wonderful experience, a great experience. There was a great atmosphere of teamwork and friendship amongst the students. It's about designing yourself - what values, beliefs, abilities, states (and how to access them) you want to have, and not about relying on your past. It's also about having better control of your body, voice and mind. The staff was always friendly and helpful. Rex is an excellent teacher and he is very good at teaching NLP, not just for therapy, but for all areas of your life. He knows how to build team spirit among students. It was fun! Now I'm confident I have the necessary building blocks to be able to use NLP, and it's up to me!"
          Name withheld upon request, Student is an engineer from Paris, France.

"Rex is extremely knowledgeable and talented ... he's here to stretch us, push us, and help us realize how great we can be if we just put our minds to it. After having read many books and listened to many tape series, I finally experienced the real thing. Immersing yourself in IDEA Seminars' 14 day training is not only fun, it's life-changing. I thought I understood a lot about NLP, but now I realize I've just begun to scrape the tip of the iceberg. I never knew life could be so exciting; that I could get out of bed and feel incredible, every day! This taught me things I couldn't learn in a book, and Rex does a wonderful job of making learning fun and easy. I feel like life is a roller-coaster and I'm just beginning to descend down the first hill - picking up speed as I go along. I now realize I can do anything that I desire and really enjoy doing it. This is the best investment in myself I have ever made. I highly recommend training with Rex."
          Ryan Pearson, Salesperson, Robert E. Miller Insurance Agency, Kansas City, MO

"Rex is an intelligent, dynamic, persuasive, and friendly instructor who through his experiences and talents pushes and motivates others to stretch their minds through modeling him. The other trainers were also excellent. I could see that they were well trained and had a vast amount of knowledge. The interns were also experienced and well trained. There is so much to say about Rex's NLP Practitioner training, the following is only a brief summary. In reading books and listening to tapes, one might get some knowledge about NLP but would be lacking a very important factor. Practical experience allows a person to incorporate the knowledge into oneself and make it part of oneself. There is no substitute for this important factor. Practical experience allows a person to incorporate the knowledge into oneself and make it part of oneself. There is no substitute for this important factor. This process of personal experience creates amazing changes which can permanently effect a person's behavior, attitude, and how a person functions in their interaction with other people and with situations that occur. This seminar is highly recommended to achieve a very intense personal growth."
          Name withheld upon request, Manager in a hospital, Merrick, NY

"(Rex is) a piece of work! This program allows you to look further outside and further within to make subtle and amazing discoveries. IDEA Seminars could offer a double-your-money-back guarantee with no takers, for the value received is ten times the cost."
          Reg Doherty, President, Bright Ideas,
                             Haverford, PA

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