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IDEA Seminars Practitioner Training for 1996
Evaluations from IDEA Seminars NLP Practitioner Training June 1-14, 1996 (every student in the class is represented here)

"(Rex is) kind, warm, disciplined, fun. Rex seems dedicated to monitoring and adjusting the training based on the classes' needs and requests. He also was flexible in answering participants questions. I very much admire the way Rex is constantly challenging myself and other participants to stretch ourselves.

I really enjoyed the training. I believe Rex's focus on asking yourself positive questions and the 'good and new' exercises were as much, if not more, important than the NLP skills. I also want to compliment Rex and Carolyn on their fine job of monitoring and changing the training as the participants needs dictated. I can't think of any other training where continuity between presenters would be this good.

The environment at Cedar Valley was great to allow myself to share with other workshop participants. It is beautiful here. Sharing meals and visiting with everyone along with practicing NLP in our off time was wonderful.

I am excited about getting to return to the 'real world' and try the techniques I have learned. I had read several books and listened to audio tapes, but the experience of being in a warm, supportive environment helped me to understand the NLP attitude and methodology. I think the massage was a great idea in addition to the seminar. I plan on returning for the Master Practitioner."
          Christian Campfield, Teachers Assistant, Developmental Disabilities Institute,
                                       E. Northport, NY

"Rex is funny, seriously playful, very caring, firm, confident, highly skilled, and dedicated.

A wondrous experience where I've made adjustments and changes in an environment full of diverse, interesting, playful and genuinely good people.

What adjectives does one use to describe something that one has never experienced before? I've seen things, done things, and felt things that I would have never believed before I came here. I've learned so much and yet the learnings have only just begun. Taking these learnings - and like seedlings - watching them grow and multiply and spread is the most delightful thing I can imagine. Thank you Rex and Carolyn."
          David Hamel, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"To me, Rex is a man who has dedicated his life to seek out the best the world has to offer, he is also dedicated to transforming his experience and other's experience so that anyone get the absolute maximum from everything that occurs and everyone in their life.

Rex is a trainer who does exactly what needs to be done. He does it with energy, passion, fun and wit. His ability to coax more out of people when they think they have reached their limit enables them to truly fulfill their purpose in being here.

Right from the start, Rex, Carolyn, and the staff were ready, willing and able to provide everything I could possibly think of in a training program. Their drive and determination to provide the best training money can buy show in their attention to their students. Having attended many workshops in the past, as far as I am concerned, this is by far the best training I have ever received. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to go beyond anything they have done before.

Aside from the training, the friends I made this seminar will remain with me and in my memory for the rest of my life. I am eternally grateful for having attended. My thanks for an incredible experience to Rex, Carolyn and the staff of IDEA Seminars and Cedar Valley Center."
          Bill Ingarfield, Pharmacist, Halifax, N.S., Canada

"Rex is a master at what he does. He's an expert at building rapport with people and expertly evaluates each student. He allows us to grow at their own rate. Rex makes learning fun and easy.

I learned more in these 14 days about how you can make your own life and that of other people more enjoyable than in all the years before I came here. The training allows you to stretch and make changes easily in those areas of your life where you want them. I came here with certain expectations, and I got even more from it than I thought that I would get. The warmth and camaraderie among the students is absolutely wonderful and makes learning and making changes easy and fun."
          Johan Van Houtven, President, Click! NV, Berchem, Belgium, Europe

"(Rex is) focused, flexible, fun and fair. (The staff is) fun, friendly, and supportive. I experienced a whole brained learning. I accessed parts of my brain I normally don't get to use. I experienced a lot of bonding with the people I participated with as well as the staff. It is the perfect location."
          Edward A. Stafford, Personnel, Charlotte, N.C.

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