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Speeches and 1-2 Day Programs

Customized Presentations
1/2 hour to 2 day programs

With a little advance notice, Rex can put together a short presentation for your special needs. He always designs exercises that you can use to immediately impact your workplace.

How to Get People to Do What You Want
without Begging, Pleading, Guilt-tripping or Nagging

This program can be adapted for a 1/2 hour speech up to a 2-day program

This is a fun and interactive program (exercises are given if one hour or more) for sales people, customer service representatives, or anyone who's livelihood depends upon persuading others. Rex will take you through twelve simple-to-apply, yet amazingly powerful strategies for persuading others elegantly and effortlessly. Learn how to describe things artfully in ways that make yourself or your product appealing to others. Get skills that will make you more dynamic and exciting to be around.

Adding Fun and Humor to Your Job
This program can be adapted for a 1/2 hour speech up to a 1-day program

A lighthearted and uproariously funny presentation by Rex Steven Sikes. Excellent to start corporate meetings or other group gatherings. Rex teaches you how to more fully enjoy your time at work - time which for most of us, constitutes a large portion of our life. He will give you quick techniques you can use immediately to add sparkle and laughter into your workplace.

Get Your Goals
This program can be adapted for a 1/2 hour speech up to a 2-day program

This is a must-do skillshop!!! Bring a pencil and paper for a seriously fun, get-down-to-business program where you will create an action plan to get what you want. You will learn a simple, yet amazingly effective methods for setting goals and action plans that will make your dreams come true. Every year in January at IDEA Seminars, we sit down for a few hours and use this method. We are thrilled that all of our yearly goals are realized without fail!

Conflict Resolution and Mediation
This program can be adapted for a 1/2 hour speech up to a 2-day program

This is a wonderful, solution-oriented program designed to help Mediators and other professionals involved in conflict resolution to assist their clients come to a resolution, avoiding more serious consequences. Rex will teach you a negotiation process that helps both parties understand their higher purposes and come to an agreement quickly. Rex describes "types" of people and how to "chunk" information for each party.

How to Talk to Your Patients About Healing Quickly and Giving You Referrals
For Chiropractors, Dentists, and other Health Care Professionals

This program can be adapted for a 2 hour speech up to a 2-day program

Many health care providers are un-aware of how their language and their tones affect their patients. This program will teach you how to avoid negative language, and send your patients in the direction of optimal health and healing. It will help you become more persuasive with them so that they take your good advice. Once they are healthy, though, you need to be able to talk to them about referrals which can sometimes be difficult for the professional. In this program, you will learn some easy and simple methods for teaching your patients to recommend you to their friends.


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